In Harms Way

Violent Divine — In Harm's Way
Release date : Feb. 03, 2009
Label : Misty Recordings

The band shine behind the big riffs of 'Blackheart' and 'Happy Ever Afterlife' and, blessed with a good vocalist, are one Swedish band who have delivered an impressively solid record.

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Violent Divine

Violent Divine — Violent Divine
Release date : May. 31, 2006
Label : Chavis Records

Twelve orgasmic tracks of sex, sex and rock n fuckin roll!

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Release The Hounds

Violent Divine — Release The Hounds
Release date : Mar. 19, 2010
Label : Swedmetal Records

RELEASE THE HOUNDS is the perfect hybrid of the glam vibe from the debut album and the dark, gothic/metal vibe from the second album IN HARM'S WAY. RELEASE THE HOUNDS is definitely the first choice to get the party started!

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