Violent Divine Hyperactivity Disorder

Violent Divine — Hyperactivity Disorder
Release date : Dec. 04, 2015
Label : Violent Divine

VIOLENT DIVINE was re-animated in 2011 with a new line-up with Mike on vocals, S.J on lead guitar, Oscar on bass and Simon on drums. The band released their long awaited album "Violent Divine Hyperactivity Disorder" on December 4, 2015. Reviews said "With their fourth album, ”Hyperactivity Disorder”, VIOLENT DIVINE are dropping another bomb of sheer streetwise Metal, puncturing hearts in every turn" and "It’s not trendy as it’s pure and with a huge dose of Rock, so consider it timeless" to name only a few.

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In Harms Way

Violent Divine — In Harm's Way
Release date : Feb. 03, 2009
Label : Misty Recordings

The band shine behind the big riffs of 'Blackheart' and 'Happy Ever Afterlife' and, blessed with a good vocalist, are one Swedish band who have delivered an impressively solid record.

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Violent Divine

Violent Divine — Violent Divine
Release date : May. 31, 2006
Label : Chavis Records

Twelve orgasmic tracks of sex, sex and rock n fuckin roll!

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Release The Hounds

Violent Divine — Release The Hounds
Release date : Mar. 19, 2010
Label : Swedmetal Records

RELEASE THE HOUNDS is the perfect hybrid of the glam vibe from the debut album and the dark, gothic/metal vibe from the second album IN HARM'S WAY. RELEASE THE HOUNDS is definitely the first choice to get the party started!

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